Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. This policy explains what personal information we have, how we use it and how you can check and update any of your personal information. For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “we” means Telefónica UK Limited and other companies in the same group.

Why do we collect your personal information? 

We collect information to help manage your account:

We also collect information so we can tell you about our products and services, other companies' products and services or allow selected partners to tell you directly about their products or services.

The law also requires us to keep some information. Occasionally this information is anonymised so you can't be identified.

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The type of information we have

The information we have about you includes things like who you are, how you use your O2 products and services, where you use our network, and how you pay for your services.

Who you are includes:

How you use your O2 products and services includes:

Where you use our network:

So we can connect you to our network, and for some of the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we need to know your location when you make or receive phone calls, messages or use the internet. We call this network location. It works by finding you through nearby phone masts, providing us with a rough location so we can put calls through or connect you to the internet.

If you don't want us to share your network location or some or all of your services, call us on 1300. It's free from your O2 mobile.

Your smartphone might also have a Global Positioning System (GPS) location, that's used by your phone and certain apps. It's more accurate than network location alone, because it uses satellites. If you're using some of our apps, like Priority, or apps connected to O2 Drive we, or our partners, might collect some of your GPS location information. 

GPS location is different from network location. We don't control it, so there's no need to call 1300. GPS is based on satellites and is set up on the phone itself. Look at your phone's settings to configure it. Remember, if you choose not to share your location, you might not be able to use certain services that need to know where you are for those services to work.

What you do with your O2 account(s):

This includes things such as when and how much you top up and pay your bill, or how often and why you access your account with us.

Where do we get your information?

We collect information mainly when you sign up with us, contact us and when you use our products and services. We also record calls for training and monitoring purposes.

For example, we will collect information when you:

We also collect information from other sources, including business directories and other commercially or publicly available sources. If we need to conduct a credit check, we will receive information from credit reference agencies. If you purchase tickets through Priority or if you have purchased general sale tickets through a third party but have specifically consented to receive communications from us, we will receive your information from that third party.  If you take part in market research for us we will also collect information from third party website or social media you access from our Sites, in accordance with the privacy policies of those respective websites and social media.

How we use your information

We use and analyse your information to keep in touch with you and to supply and improve our products and services. We will also use your information to tell you about products and services that we think may interest you.  Sometimes we'll combine and anonymise this information so you won't be identified.

In particular, this means using your information to:

Or to:

We are allowed to use your information in these ways and share the information as described below because:

How we share your information

In connection with the purposes described above, we may share your information (and the information of any third parties you have included in an application for and performance of an O2 insurance product or service) with others.

This might mean sharing that information with:

These third parties will be subject to appropriate data protection and/or confidentiality requirements to ensure that they will use your information as described in the privacy notice.

We might also share your information:

Why we keep hold of your information

There are certain reasons we have to keep hold of your information.

We keep information while you're our customer or after you've left us, but only as long as we need it for the purposes described above. We will generally keep it for at least one year and up to seven years but depending on the type of information and purpose we may need to keep it for longer. The retention period will be determined by various criteria including:


Your rights

You have a number of legal rights in relation to the information that we hold about you, including:

You can exercise your right to access your data using this form and you can exercise your other rights using this form.

If you are an O2 employee, you can exercise your rights by contacting MyHRUK@o2.com.

How to check and update your information

Go to o2.co.uk and sign in to My O2 to look at your personal information. 
You can change how we get in touch with you – and your account details – whenever you like.

Product Specific Terms

This Privacy Policy applies to how we use your information in relation to our products and services generally.  There may be some additional things about how we use your information in relation to particular services. We will tell you about those when you sign up for the service or at another appropriate time.

O2 Drive

If you obtain an O2 Drive quote and / or become an O2 Drive customer, we use information about your use of your services and your location to help provide a better insurance quote. You can manage your O2 Drive information by logging in to your O2 Drive account.


If you sign up to Priority we use information about your location so you can enjoy offers that are near you. You can manage your Priority marketing preferences in your account in the Priority App. 

Our Blueprint

If you work for O2, wWhen you register as a user and when you set up an activity through our Our Blueprint website, we collect information directly from you, such as your team, directorate, office location, whether you are a purpose ambassador, details of the activity you want to set up, including name and contact details of the organiser, location, date and time of the event etc. If you are an existing O2 employee, we may also process information about you that is held on our systems such your name and work email address.

We use the information we collected to advertise volunteer opportunities on our Our Blueprint website and on our internal Workplace site, to contact event organisers and attendees about events they are supporting or attending and to produce reports about Our Blueprint engagements and impact.

Trail Blazers 

If you participate in market research for us, including using the Trail Blazers sites and Apps (‘Sites”), we may also gather information from other sources. The type of information we have will also include information like user ID, your birthday, shopping habits, household income, family composition; online user activity, lifestyle preferences and information, photographs, profile pictures, your “likes” and your social media content you post, as well as the results of any surveys in which you take part on personality, values, attitudes and lifestyle. We will also collect publicly available information such as user-generated content, blogs and postings.

When you visit the Trail Blazers websites, we may also collect: 

Information gathered for Trail Blazers is kept for 12 months following the end of your membership of Trail Blazers, unless you tell us you’d like us to remove it earlier. 

If you’ve registered with Trail Blazers, the fastest way to change how we deal with your personal data is to log on and simply click on "My Preferences" in the App. 

Other Important things to know

Companies outside the European Economic Area (EEA):

We, or companies to whom we transfer your information (including fraud agencies), might give your information to other companies based outside the EEA. For example, like many companies, we may use cloud services from suppliers outside the EEA.

Where we transfer your information to companies outside the EEA, we will make sure it’s protected in a manner that is consistent with how your information will be protected by us. This can be done in a number of different ways for instance:

In other circumstances the law may permit us to otherwise transfer your information outside the EEA. In all cases however, we will ensure that any transfer of your information is compliant with data protection law.

You can obtain more details of the protection given to your information when it is transferred outside the EEA (including a sample copy of the contract used with some recipients of your information) by contacting us via the “Contact us” section below.

About cookies:

Like other sites, we use cookies. A cookie is like a tag that some sites put on your computer or phone when you visit them so they can recognise you next time. Find out more here: Cookie Policy 

Communicating over the internet:

Please remember, any emails or other communications you send over the internet aren't safe unless they've been encrypted. They might go through a few countries before they get to your friend who lives around the corner. Unfortunately, that's the nature of the internet.
If someone gets into your emails without your permission, or your personal information is shared publicly, we can't accept responsibility. It is out of our control.

Pages on o2.co.uk and other companies' websites:

On our website there are pages that are branded with both the O2 name and logo, as well as other companies' names and logos. We, and other companies working with us, look after these pages.

This Privacy Policy doesn't apply to other companies' websites that you get to through our website. So make sure you've read their Privacy Policy before putting your personal information on their site.

Other important information

Please note that if you're signing up for our products and services there might be extra terms and conditions to look at.

If you would like to know more about how credit reference and fraud prevention agencies use and share your personal information you can find that information at: 

Contact us

If you want to know more about how we use your information or to raise any queries with us in relation to your information, you can Contact Us. To get in touch with our data protection office, email DPO@o2.com.

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